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Organizations that can expand Afredus’s reach within the academic community by providing a strong local presence for distribution of our cutting-edge solutions. We are always looking for like-minded company collaborators who want to broaden their reach by helping us make great things happen for our prospects or clients. Our network of channel partners has access to exclusive benefits such as training and support, marketing tools and collaterals, and other resources to empower them to achieve their targets and objectives.

There is a fundamental difference between the product business model and services business model in the software industry. Afredus Pro is a well researched and well planned product with well defined roadmaps for future enhancements. Whether it is a school, college or training institute, we sell the same Afredus management information system. Whether it is a school in Nairobi, Dar es Salaam, Lagos or New York, we sell the same Afredus.

The product business model is highly scalable. The ratios are consistent and straightforward. Target 1000 schools, get 100 interested schools, convert 10. On average, there is a minimum of one school in every sq km. In a city like Nairobi with total area of 1500 sq km, there are 5500 schools. That is around 4 schools every sq km!


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