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Tuesday, 09 September 2014 06:44

How to create Courses & Batches

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How to Create Courses and Batches

  1. If you click the settings icon in the dashboard, it will take you to 'configuration' page you can see a link called 'Manage course/Batch'.
  2. Click on Manage Course / Batch,  it will take you to 'Courses' home page where you can click the link 'Manage Course'
  3. Once you click on Manage Course,  it will take you to course index page where you can see list of courses and for creating new course there is a link called 'New' 
  4. Clicking on New, a form will be displayed and you can enter the Course and batch details.
  5. Now a Course and initial batch is created. If more batches are to be created inside that course, Go to Course home page and click on the recently added Course. You can see the batch that was created under that course.
  6. Now click on New link at the top right corner and you can enter the other batch details.
  7. Now click on save and that batch will be saved. If you go to that course page again, you can see the multiple batches that are under that course.


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You can have different batches in the same course. For example you can have a batch starting in June 2015 for Degree in Geology, and a batch starting in December 2015 for the same course.


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